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3 Nights for the Price of 2

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From October 16 until May 16, Mount Shasta Ranch is offering a special of 3 nights for the price of 2! Holidays and Special Events excluded..

This includes a gourmet three-course breakfast to keep you charged for an extra day at the Mount Shasta Ski Park or for whatever adventure you are planning. There is so much to do during winter in Mt. Shasta.

This is the perfect package for those wanting to get away for a long weekend, to get that extra day of skiing in, or to get one more nights rest before the journey home.

The Mount Shasta Ranch is off the beaten path enough to enjoy the tranquility of winter, but close enough to I-5, I-89, and downtown Mount Shasta to make us a great choice and convenient place to stay while visiting the Mount Shasta Ski Park.

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Ahab the Parrot

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Guests of the B & B who have been staying for years often ask about Ahab the parrot, a long time resident at the B & B. Bill Larson the previous owner of the B & B wanted to move her to their new real estate office but Marsha, his secretary refused. Every time Marsh would take a phone call Ahab would start yelling just like a kid. Marsha was not one of Ahab’s favorite people and once chased her all over the B & B when she got out of her cage.

When the new B & B owners took over they seriously considered taking her but were concerned
with her bad habit of biting if guests got too close to her cage. When a previous inn keeping couple offered to take her they were relieved as they know parrots like familiar people and often don’t survive changes.

Ahab was doing just fine until the previous innkeepers separated. She stopped talking for weeks and finally started pitifully repeating Bill, Bill, Bill. The innkeepers called Bill, explained the situation and Bill picked her up. The new B & B owners happened to be outside when he drove by with Ahab in the back seat. She was happily talking away for the first time in weeks. She now lives with Bill and his wife Mary. Ahab doesn’t really like blond women which describes Mary but they are cohabiting and at least Ahab is very happy.

Ahab is about 50 years old and a beautiful parrot. We miss her hellos but not her biting! We do have some of her pretty green feathers in a rather strange arrangement with a road runner that came with the B & B. It’s in our TV room. Take a look next time you stay with us.