Things To Do in Mt. Shasta - McCloud River Falls

All three of these waterfalls are within about one mile of each other, yet each is uniquely beautiful, and has their own personality.

At Upper Falls, the quiet river gathers itself into a massive rock chute, charging the water full of energy before it spills into a pool far below.

Middle Falls spreads a sheet of falling water over a lava cliff, into a large pool. The water is icy cold, but in the summer you will find people frolicking in it.

Lower Falls is a small chute spilling into a pool below. Access to all three falls has been greatly improved in recent years by the Forest Service.

There is a trail connecting all three, which is partially wheelchair accessible. The trail is approximately 1 ½ miles long, one way. There are picnic tables and restrooms at the Lower Falls area. There is a parking area and restrooms at the Middle Falls. From the parking area you can choose to walk just a short distance to an overlook above the falls or travel down the trail to the pool.